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Realistic 3D Joomla Flipbook

Convert your traditional sliders and PDF readers into modern, realistic 3D flipbooks. Provide real-life book reading experience on all devices to your readers with cutting-edge WebGL technology. Our Joomla Flipbook Extension will help you bring life into your flipbook and attract more readers.

We have a huge customer base in WordPress. Dearflip Joomla offers you a mature core, tried and tested by over 100000+ users. Our team guarantees to provide the best products on different platforms with expertise in flipping books.

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Trusted By 100000+ Customers

Over 20000 premium customers and more than 70000 non-premium customers in WordPress love Dearflip.
Our product is also available as a Jquery plugin & Chrome extension where it serves 10000 users.
Dearflip Joomla Flipbook extension has now reached 500+ active installations.
We are soon launching its desktop version as well.

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Create a Responsive Joomla Flipbook with Dearflip

Promote your content with Eye-Caching Flipbooks. Flawlessly display PDF & Image Flipbook in all types of devices

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Key Features of Dearflip Joomla Flipbook Extension

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Realistic 2D & 3D Flipbook

Realistic Flipbooks are driven by modern WEBGL Technology

  1. Smart CSS Fallback: When 3D is not available, the flipbook extension automatically switches to CSS mode. Or use CSS mode from start.
  2. Managed Code/Performance: 3D itself is stunning, yet resource hungry. Code optimization is our main priority to keep the Flipbook experience smooth.
  3. Smart Render: For the first time. we have introduced smart rendering that uses less CPU and memory.

PDF & Image Support

Creates stunning Joomla flipbooks from both PDF files and Images folder

  1. PDF Flipbook: Embed PDF in Joomla by creating a PDF flipbook. Upload PDF in Joomla website, create a book using Dearflip and give the path of the PDF as source. Get an amazing flipping book instantly. Unlimited pages and file size up to 500MB.
  2. Images Flipbook: Replace traditional sliders with modern Image Flipbook. Upload images files inside a folder in Joomla, create a book using Dearflip and give the path of the folder as source. Add as much as images you want and see the change to the flipbook in real time.
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Joomla flipbook Reading

Beyond Basic PDF

Flipbooks are just the basics, more is yet to explore

  1. Page Thumbnails: Automatically creates thumbnails. Click on thumbs to go to the respective pages. Enable and disable auto thumbnail option.
  2. PDF Outlines: Renders PDF Outlines and creates interactive linked outlines for Joomla Flipbook as well. Click on outlines to go to desired page.
  3. PDF Links/Annotation: Inbuilt PDF links are converted in interactive links and work directly without any extra effort.

Responsive & Smart

Not just powerful but smart and responsive too, adjusts automatically for best performance and experience

  1. Responsive Layout: Flipbook is also responsive to its parent. Control the parent and flipbook will auto adjust. Flawless view in all devices.
  2. Optimized Flipbook: Smart rendering and smart loading make Joomla flipbooks load faster with less CPU and memory. Doesn't affect page speed.
  3. Smart Loading: On-Demand Loading. Only the required parts are loaded. Be it scripts or flipbook pages.
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Why Dearflip Joomla Flipbook Extension?



Dearflip already has 60000+ users in WordPress. This flipbook plugin is available as a jQuery plugin & chrome extension. It has served over 20000+ premium users and has got a 5-star rating. We are confident that you'll love this Joomla version as well.



Unlike other module-based Joomla flipbook extensions, Dearflip provides you with a separate component for your flipbooks. It is easier to create, edit and organize your books, all in one place. You can even embed PDF files in Joomla modules just by creating a custom module flipbook.



Transform PDFs into optimized & responsive flipbooks ready to embed. Create Lightbox, button & custom flipbooks & customize them with an easy-to-use interface. Display multiple flipbooks, create categories, edit global settings, and much more.