Joomla Flipping Book Examples

Embedded Flipbook:

Here is an example of an embedded flipbook with normal view mode. Create stunning 3D flipbooks using Dearflip with multiple view modes. 



Source Type:

Dearflip supports both PDF files and the Images folder. Create PDF flipbook using PDF file source or create Image Flipbook using images folder source. Following are the examples of Joomla flipping books created with PDF and Images folder. Click on each thumb to view them.


PDF Flipbook
Image Flipbook


View Mode:

Similarly, our flipping book Joomla extension provides multiple view modes. You can choose any of the Normal, Lightbox, Button, and custom view modes. Embed PDF by converting into an amazing flipbook in Joomla. And give it a normal view mode to let your visitors instantly view it, without any user interaction. Readers can see the flipbook just like an image or video on a website. Then, turn the pages with realistic page-turning effects. Actually, it feels like placing an open book ready to have a read.

On the other hand, in the Lightbox mode, it is like a closed book that needs a click to open. You can set an eye catchy thumbs to encourage readers to open the book and read. Similarly, button view mode allows you to embed a flipbook in a button.  Thus whenever a user clicks on the button, they get a flipping book to read. Meanwhile, in custom view mode, you can embed a flipbook inside any HTML element that is supported by a Joomla editor.


Button Flipbook

Custom Flipbook

  • This is a list.
  • But also a Flipbook!
  • How?surprised
  • Try clicking this list.wink
  • Just like this,
  • You can create any Custom Flipbook.
  • Using Dearflip. smile


2D & 3D 

2D Flipbook
3D Flipbook


Hard Pages

Hard Pages- None
Hard Pages- Cover
Hard Pages- All






 Books in Creatures 

American Bison
Artistic Anatomy Of Animals



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