Frequently Asked Questions: Dearflip Joomla Flipbook Extension

Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers. We provide prompt support and try our best to clear customers' confusion. 

Question 1: ICONS ARE NOT SHOWING in Joomla flipbook Extension

Icons are not showing in the Flipping book. What would be the problem and how to fix it?

Controls icons are missing (they have a strange box-like appearance). After the first installation, they were okay. The second time I have visited the site to work on it, then they were missing.

If show only one book, result is the same. Control Icons are missing. If I change the template back to default Cassiopeia, control icons are still missing.

I try to disable some components that I have installed but the result is the same, control icons are missing. I have no idea what to do next.


Have you set the controls position parameter to 'hide'? If yes, then change it to 'top' or 'bottom', this way you can display the control buttons either on top or bottom of the flipbook.

If the problem still occurs, here's the second approach:
Look at your page and see if the CSS content is loaded. If the CSS content is not loaded from the respective file but is added directly into the HTML, that's where the problem arises.

Doing so, normal CSS works, but the files(icons/backgrounds) that require relative positions won't work anymore. So we suggest not embedding CSS content into HTML.

Most probably this happens due to some minification plugin. If so, please disable the minification (embedding) of CSS into the HTML. For example, Route66 has options for minifying CSS. Try disabling the minification option, then the icons will display flawlessly.