Joomla PDF viewer Vs Joomla Flipbook, Which one is better? -Dearflip

When you have PDF content on your site, they contain information you want your visitors to read. PDF can carry a large portion of the information that you want to share with the audience. Well, which one is attractive? A caterpillar or a Butterfly? Of course, a butterfly! Right? Comparison between Joomla PDF Viewer and Joomla Flipbook is just like comparing a caterpillar and a butterfly. A Joomla PDF viewer extension will display a lifeless PDF. Meanwhile, a Joomla Flipbook extension creates eye-catchy flipbooks for your Joomla site. We as site owners wish visitors to read each and every line we post. And when it comes to PDF files, we wish they scroll down till the end and enjoy reading it. 

Unfortunately, people find it boring to read a long PDF file. That's why, either they read the PDF less commonly or completely skip it. This may create an information gap between you and your audience. It might create a blunder if you are selling something online or trying to create an impact through your content. This happens when you use flat & traditional PDF Viewers. Thus, here we suggest you use Joomla PDF viewer with an interactive 3D page turning effect, Dearflip. 

Flipbook might sound like a heavy word but is really very easy to create and display on your site. Dearflip Joomla Flipbook extension not only uploads the PDF file but also creates an interactive flipbook out of it. And the flipbooks are made responsive so that they are easy and effective to read on every device. This Joomla flipbook extension comes with lots of features like smart loading, smart rendering, responsiveness, ease to create and manage, multiple view mode, and lots of customization options. You won't get these features in a normal Joomla PDF viewer extension.