Display Joomla Flipbook in Lightbox, Button & Custom View Modes

Normal View: 

The default view of any flipbook you create is the normal view. In normal view, the flipbook loads & opens automatically while the content loads. Using this view mode you can embed PDF files in Joomla articles.



When you select 'Lightbox' as view mode, the flipbook opens only when a reader will click on the lightbox. To make the lightbox attractive, set a thumbnail to the lightbox. It'll look like a closed book ready to open.




In button view, a flipbook opens when a reader clicks on a button. You can customize the text to be displayed on the button.


Button Flipbook



The custom view is more versatile in which you can embed a flipbook in any custom text or content. It can be a table, an image, a paragraph, and anything that the Joomla editor allows to create.


Custom Flipbook

  • This is a list.
  • But also a Flipbook!
  • How?surprised
  • Try clicking this list.wink
  • Just like this,
  • You can create any Custom Flipbook.
  • Using Dearflip. smile