How to display multiple flipbooks in Joomla?- Flipbook Category

Do you want to display multiple flipbooks in Joomla without worrying about the page speed? Dearflip's category feature can help you through. Just create flipbooks using this Joomla Flipbook extension, assign them a category and display the category on your site. Embed 100s of PDFs on a single page with flipbook categories. All the flipbooks will display as a Lightbox with respective thumbs as book-covers.

Demo Category 1

The Aftermath
Artistic Anatomy Of Animals
Demo Category 2

Green Nature
Your Big Idea
American Bison
PDF Flipbook

Well, you can embed multiple PDFs directly without creating a category as well. But then you'll need to assign the view mode of each flipbook individually. Use the category option to minimize the workload. Creating a category will auto-set the view mode to Lightbox. Embedding PDF in Lightbox Flipbook can keep the page speed balanced. Although, you can embed multiple PDFs in normal view as well, as long as the PDF files are not that large.  Here we present you with a quick tutorial on how to display multiple flipbooks in Joomla. Just follow these steps.

    1. Go to Components-> Dearflip-> Categories. 
    2. Click on Add New category. 

Creating categories in Dearflip Joomla Flipbook Extension

  1. Give your category a title and write a description if needed. 
  2. Save the category and you'll get a shortcode for the category.
  3. Copy the shortcode for now. In later steps, it will help you display multiple flipbooks in Joomla.
  4. Now go to 'Books'
  5. Create a new book or open an existing book, on the edit page, find the 'Category' option.
  6. From the dropdown list, select the category you just created. Then save the book.
  7. Now paste the shortcode (from step 5 ) to your article or custom module where you want to display the categorized flipbook.
  8. Similarly, assign the category to as many flipbooks as you want.

By now, you have successfully created a flipbook category and assigned flipbooks to the category. Finally, visit the site to see the multiple flipbooks in Joomla articles or custom modules. You'll see a beautiful flipping book's library.