How to create a flipbook using Dearflip Joomla Flipbook Plugin?

To create a flipbook, firstly, make sure you have uploaded your pdf file or images to your site through the Joomla media manager. And for images, make sure you have uploaded them in a folder. Copy the path to your source file or folder. 

After the successful installation of Dearflip, 
Step 1: Go to Components-> Dearflip-> Add new book.
Step 2: Enter a title.
Step 3: Choose book source type. If you want to create a flipbook from a pdf file, then choose 'PDF'. Similarly, If you want to create a flipbook from images, then choose 'Images'.
Step 4: Paste the path to your source file/folder in 'PDF Source' or 'Images Source'. 
Step 5 For images, you'll get an extra field to choose the sorting method. Choose according to your need.
Step 6: Now, save the book. 
Step 7: Copy the generated shortcode after you save the book. 
Step 8: Now go to Content -> Articles, Create an article, or open an existing article.
Step 9: Paste the copied shortcode anywhere you want to display the flipbook inside the article.
Step 10: Save the article and view the article to see your brand new flipbook, flipping.

You can also display flipbooks in a custom module. View modes and customization are also discussed in detail for your ease.