Embed PDF in Joomla - Joomla Flipbook

PDFs are one of the most used content formats in the web world. Joomla lets you upload PDF files to your site easily using Joomla Media. But, does Joomla give any option to embed PDF files into your site? Well, there are 2 ways you can embed PDF in Joomla. The first option is to embed them using a link. The second option is to transform the PDF File into a Flipping book using the Joomla Flipbook extension and then embed the flipbook in your articles, pages, or modules. Both methods are easy but the second one is more effective. Why? Do you want your site to look better than others? Using a Flipping book instead of the static link can easily grab the visitor's attention to your site. 


Embed PDF in Joomla without using any extension:

Joomla lets you upload a PDF through Joomla media manager, but sadly it doesn't provide PDF viewer support in the front end. You can use Google Drive to host your PDF file as well.  All you can do is embed the PDF as a link. 

Step 1: Log in to your Joomla admin panel 

Step 2: Go to Content -> Media

Step 3: Click on the green Upload button. Click on choose files. And locate your file. 

 Step 4: CXlick on Start Upload button.

Step 5: After successfully uploading the file, go to the article where you wish to embed PDF in Joomla. 

Step 6: After opening an article, click on Insert -> Link

Step 7: Enter the PDF URL. For example images/yourpdffilename.pdf

Step 8: Enter the text to display and click Ok.

Now you'll get a link, for example:  Click View PDF to see the PDF.  This way, it will open the PDF using the browser's PDF Viewer. 









Why embed PDF in Joomla using the Flipbook extension?

We don't like reading anything that is boring. Right? In today's era of technology, we are digitizing anything that is possible. Books and magazines came along with the flow. A book includes texts, images, and references. It was not possible to digitize books by writing them in a text format or in an image alone. That's when people thought of inventing PDF format. As a result, PDF came out as the perfect solution to share documents that include text, images, and clickable links within it. But that is not enough when it comes to the interactive web world. Now we need everything attractive, responsive, and interactive content like flipping books. Thus, embedding PDFs in Joomla by transforming them into flipbooks is a mandatory approach to engage more readers.

In order to create flipbooks, you'll need to use a Joomla flipbook extension. Dearflip is one of the best flipping book extensions that can create realistic 3D flipbooks. These flipbooks are interactive, highly customizable, and easy to create at the same time.

When we post a user manual as a PDF link, users won't read flat & boring PDF files completely and then complain about the product. If we post a magazine in PDF format, readers will not find it interesting to read. The same happens to the portfolio sites.